Quick and Easy Summer to Fall Outfit Tips-

Kristie Cuenca

Posted on August 15 2018

Quick and Easy Summer to Fall Outfit Tips-

Add a cardigan or kimono to your summer outfit. This little addition is perfect for your those chilly mornings but warmer afternoons. And when you don't need that extra layer anymore you can easily take it off and place it on your chair while working, put in your backpack or purse, ohhhh or even better - tie around your waist and still look fire but be cool too!

A long sleeve shirt or sweater with your shorts or cropped pants. I laugh thinking about this style hahahaha I can just hear my mom saying "Are you hot or cold?" very stern and matter of factly ha. But lesssss be honest when we live in California during October - Are we hot or cold? Who can say?? haha there is no right answer. So the long sleeve look with denim shorts or biker shorts is perrrrfect.

Switch up them sandals for booties. Yessss booties with shorts or a little dress is the cutest and just enough for the transition from summer to fall. 

Wear sandals. Waitttttt... I know this is opposite to what I just said. Picture this.. skinny crop jeans with a strappy heel for a night out or some slide ons with an over sized top or try one of your summer tops like a tank or crop top with either a short or long cardigan or jacket. 

Add a scarf. Again, this is a removable item so its easy for the chilly morning and warmer afternoon! Perfect to pair with a dress or a short sleeve top and jeans or slacks. Stylish and it adds warmth, SCORE!

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