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Kristie Cuenca

Posted on August 02 2018

Hi All,

It's so good to be writing another blog! My first blog received good feedback, YAY! So I am excited to keep blogging and sharing my journey with you.

Although "the struggle was real" as I explained in my first blog. I just want to express how much gratitude and beauty I see now looking back at the life experiences I had. Every struggle we go through truly has a lesson that comes with it. I feel that I work harder and appreciate life and everything in it so much more because of some of the challenges I went through. Even now with my business, everything is trial and error, I am learning as I go and finding whats works and does not work for me and my brand. The challenges or so called "failures" are not necessarily failures. They are learning experiences. 

This week--- "Collab Days"

This week myself and a few ladies in the beauty industry are collaborating for an event at the boutique on 8/10/18. We are hoping to get quite a few ladies in the building that are like minded, open to new friendships and are ready to network. There is nothing better than connecting with other women who can help each other level up! Even if you are not in the beauty and fashion industry, if you are someone who is just wanting to make some friends, shop or get your makeup and hair done, please come in. YOU are MORE than WELCOME. Maybe you need a little inspiration? Come by! There is room for everyone in every industry so join us and lets mingle.... the more the merrier! By connecting, sharing thoughts, experiences and building relationships the possibilities are endless.

I plan on blogging more often so please help by sharing your thoughts in a comment or direct messaging on any of my social media platforms so I know what type of content you would like to see! And of course if you have any business related or style/fashion questions... I got you! Just ask:)

Love you all so much! Keep grinding, your breakthrough is waiting for you!



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